Entête Folie Technique

Promoting values:
accessibility, learning, innovation and excellence

Folie Technique is a non-profit organization established in 1991 at the initiative of engineering students at Polytechnique Montréal.

The aim of Folie Technique is to give young people the opportunity to discover the world of science and engineering, and to bolster their self-confidence, regardless of where they live, their socioeconomic situation or their gender. While clearly there are obstacles to achieving this objective, Folie Technique, with its 20 years of experience and solid network, is well positioned to tackle this challenge energetically.


The activities are designed to boost girls’ self-confidence, dispel stereotypes about women in science, engineering and technology, and instil a positive attitude toward these disciplines. It is important for girls to be able to embark on careers in these fields enthusiastically and confidently.

Young people from disadvantaged or ethnically mixed communities:

The desire to nurture the academic, personal and social success of young Montrealers from disadvantaged and ethnically mixed low-income communities is hardly new. Working in partnership with various organizations, Folie Technique has developed activities to reach these young people, who otherwise would not have a chance to participate in science programs of this kind.

Folie Technique’s mission is to give youth the opportunity to explore the world of science, mathematics, engineering and technology through creative, interactive and accessible activities.

Folie Technique by the numbers

Dans la dernière année, Folie Technique a :

  • reached close to 20,000 young people;
  • hired nearly 40 science and engineering students;
  • welcomed 1,200 participants to its summer camp;
  • gave 200 science workshops in elementary schools, reaching 3,800 students;
  • presented the Trousse Défis Poly to 185 classes in 10 regions of Québec;
  • enabled 50 classes to take part in the Défi du Professeur Polynume, a mathematics teaching activity;
  • presented a major robotics project at six elementary schools.